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Austin's Premier Agency for Adherent Dialectical Behavior

Therapy (DBT). 

Penny Kruger and Nicole Lansbery founded ADBTA in 2016 after seeing a need for quality, adherent DBT in the Austin, Texas community. Since then, ADBTA has rapidly expanded to an agency of 25+ talented clinicians. In 2022, ADBTA was acquired by Direct Counseling Services LLC. 


To set a precedent and uphold the highest caliber of DBT & RODBT clinical training for the purpose of creating, supporting, and sustaining brave clinicians. By educating and taking care of clinicians, they can provide the utmost care to more clients, instilling confidence to create a life worth living.


To impart transformative tools that impact individuals and clinicians on the relentless pursuit of problem solving by acting as the leading hub for DBT and RODBT clinical training and support across the state of Texas and beyond.

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